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Instrument Rental Pricing

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First, a message from your band directors, Mr. Canning & Ms. Bauman:


I am excited to start band with your child this year.  Our band program begins with a Band Night on 09/14/23.  It will be necessary to have your instrument and supplies needed by 10/01/23. Instruments and supplies may be rented/purchased from Melody Mart.

  • To begin: Review pricing and details on this page

  • Complete the form and Submit it

  • You will receive an email or phone call from a Melody Mart associate inviting you to schedule your appointment to pick up your band instrument package at Melody Mart.

Rent-To-Own Your Band Instrument with Us!

  • Rental payments apply towards purchase of instrument

  • M+R (Maintenance and Replacement) coverage is included

  • Discounts available on all early payoffs

  • Convenient ACH auto-debit from checking account

Below are the available rental packages. All prices include tax.

Monthly Rental Pricing

  • Flute $39.50 ($32 applied/$7.50 M+R)

  • Clarinet $39.50 ($32 applied/$7.50 M+R)

  • Trumpet $39.50 ($32 applied/$7.50 M+R)

  • Trombone $39.50 ($32 applied/$7.50 M+R)

  • Percussion Kit $39.50 ($32 applied/$7.50 M+R))


In need of any books or supplies?

We have ALL your necessary band supplies available at our store like reeds, music stands, oil and more, all at school pricing!

Music Instruction happens 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday!

Music instruction is a $100 a month subscription style service, and included in your subscription are bonus group classes you’ll have access to on a monthly basis!

Already have an instrument? We also do repairs as well! 

No appointment needed, just bring your instrument to us and let us take care of it.

Estimates are ALWAYS free!


Get Started 

To begin, please take the time to fill out the information below.

* A Melody Mart Associate will reach out with further Instructions.

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