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DJ Group & Private Instruction

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Have you ever wanted to be a DJ?

Are you interested in making your own music?

Our DJ lessons will provide you with the base knowledge to take your DJing to the next level!

Learn about DJ software, the history of DJing, mixing your own beats, and more!


Youth Group Class  offered every Month on Saturdays  - $ 100.00

This course will cover the following topics through classroom lectures and hands-on labs facilitated by WeJam Certified Coaches:

- Controller Overview

- Building & Managing Playlists

- DJ Software Overview (Serato DJ Lite)

- 4/8 Count, Cue Points, BPM/Tempo, mash ups

- Beat Matching/Blending, Scratching, Looping & EFX

- DJ Recital

Classes will be limited to 8 participants; IL COVID guidelines will be enforced in order to provide a safe, conducive learning environment. Students must bring their own laptop (not Chromebook) w/ Serato Lite DJ Software pre-installed (Free:

It is recommended that students bring their own Serato compatible controllers; like any other music class, students should have their own "instruments". We will have a few loaner controllers as well.



Adult Group Class  offered every Month on Saturdays - $150.00

This  4 week course is tailored for adults starting at age 15yrs and is for beginners to DJing andcovers the following topics through classroom lectures and hands-on labs facilitated by WeJam Certified Coaches: 

  • DJ History

  • DJ & Sound Terminologies & Concepts

  • DJ Hardware Overview & Lab (1200 Turntables, CD Players, DJ controllers)

  • Building and organizing your musical library

  • Streaming w/ Tidal & Soundcloud

  • DJ Software Overview & Lab w/ Serato DJ

  • 4/8 Count & Cue Points

  • Equipment Setup, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

  • Beat Matching/Blending, BPM, Scratching, Looping & EFX

  • Controller Mastery

  • DJ Recital

This class meets on Saturdays from 10AM-11:30 AM starting Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022 (In-Person Sessions); Wednesdays 7:30PM-8:30PM (Optional Virtual Touch Base)

Participants do not have to own DJ equipment to attend this course, but are encouraged to bring their own.  Participants are also required to bring their own laptop to connect to the controller.  An email confirmation will be sent upon registration with more class details


Private Instruction

now available on

Tuesdays & Thursdays

with Press Play 

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