Casey Knoop Piano Instructor
Casey Knoop

Ukulele  8 years and up

Casey Knoop has performed in various styles and groups throughout her college career. Casey’s goal is to keep lessons fun and to modify teaching techniques that are unique to each individual’s style of learning. She does this in order to keep students inspired, and never bored of material that they are working on. Casey also incorporates music theory into all of her students’ lessons so that they are able to understand scales, chords, inversions and progressions that translate throughout every genre of music. Casey is also a multi-instrumentalist and has experience with flute, guitar, percussion, and ukulele. 

 Teaches in-person Tuesdays/Wednesdays | Teaches Video Chat Lessons

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Ahren Hawken

Ukulele  6 years and up

Ahren spent almost ten years as a student of various instructors at Melody Mart, and credits the wonderful experience she had with her instructors as the reason she became one herself. Ahren believes that music should be accessible to everyone, and that learning to play music is one of the greatest joys a person can experience. She enjoys the challenges that come with finding new ways to reach her students, and takes pride in helping students find their confidence when they play.

 Teaches in-person Mondays/Tuesdays | Video Chat Lessons

Yusuf Muhammad Guitar Instructor
Michael Michor

Guitar / Classical Guitar


Mike started playing the guitar at age 13 and has been hooked ever since. Mike's many influences include The Beatles, Paul Gilbert, Stevie Wonder, Nuno Bettencourt and King's X. Mike has played with several top Chicago bands and is stage right every night for The Walk-ins.

Teaches In-Person Thursdays

Seth Whitson Guitar Instructor
Seth Whitson

Guitar/ Ukulele/ Rock School


Seth has studied music extensively since the age of four, concentrating on guitar, piano, and music theory. He enjoys classical and contempory styles in addition to rock and jazz. Seth has been teaching privately for many years and has enjoyed every moment of it. He also teaches our full-band rock schools at Melody Mart.


 Teaches Video Chat Lessons

Frank Anastos Guitar Instructor
Frank Anastos


Franks has a B.A. from Roosevelt University. He has been entered in the Rich Central High School Hall of Fame for music and teaching. He has been teaching at Melody Mart since 1976 and has become a local legend of guitar.  He enjoys rock, blues, and Jazz

 In-Person Monday-Thursday, Saturdays | Teaches Video Chat Lessons

Jordan Foster

Bass Guitar/ Upright Bass


Jordan is a former Melody Mart student. He has played bass guitar professionally for several years. He is pursuing a degree in music education and performance. He enjoys playing and teaching different genres of music.

In-Person Thursdays/Saturdays  | Teaches Video Chat Lessons

John Falstrom Bass Guitar
John Falstrom

Bass Guitar/ Upright Bass


John has a B.A. Degree in Music from Governors State University in University Park, Illinois, and he has over 35 years experience teaching students to play the bass guitar. John has used the knowledge he has gained from his experience at teaching literally thousands and thousands of students over the years to put together this book EADG 4 in a format that is concise, easy to follow and gets straight to the point of giving the bassist the tools needed to become a great bassist/musician.

John was awarded The 2005 Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal by The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) for EADG 4.

Teaches In-Person Monday/Tuesday

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