Lesson Policy and Overview

Lessons are available in half-hour increments
Monday- Thursday from Noon to 8:30PM
Friday from 1PM to 6:30PM
Saturday from 9:00AM to 3:30PM
All lesson times are subject to instructor availability and are filled on a first come/first served basis.

Lessons cost $21 per half hour weekly session for all instruments. Lessons are purchased on a monthly basis. ALL LESSON ACCOUNTS AND PAYMENTS ARE DUE ON THE FIRST LESSON OF THE MONTH IN FULL. NO EXCEPTIONS. IF A LESSON ACCOUNT IS NOT PAID ON THE FIRST LESSON OF THE MONTH, A $20 LATE FEE WILL BE CHARGED. Payment is to be made by cash or check directly to the instructor. Credit and debit cards are not accepted for lesson payments.

Your lesson payment reserves an ongoing spot on your instructors' schedule.  The lesson is reserved for you whether you attend that lesson or not. For this reason, lessons are not credited or refunded. This is also why lesson fees are based on the number of calendar weeks in each given month and not on how many the student plans on attending. The instructors at Melody Mart only offer full-time lesson spots. That is, a student is expected to attend all of his/her lessons. We do understand, however, that some events are out of the student's control and some lessons will be missed. If a lesson must be missed, it is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor directly, not Melody Mart.  The instructors do not promise make-up lessons. Excessive cancellations (more than one in a 30-day period) will put the student's lesson at risk of forfeiture and impede the student's progress. If your instructor must cancel a lesson for any reason, the student will, of course, be given a credit or a makeup lesson, whichever is more convenient for the student and the instructor.

Melody Mart is not available for lessons on all major national holidays. Students can expect no lessons given on: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th Of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.
All other minor holidays, Halloween, Veteran's Day, etc, are teaching days and all lessons will be given as usual.

Students are expected to arrive at their lessons on time. If a student is late, they will receive the balance of time remaining in their time slot. Students are expected to bring all materials deemed necessary for their lesson by their instructor. This includes books, tapes, CDs, etc. Students are also expected to actively participate in their own musical training. In short, they are expected to practice on a daily basis. Regular practice of 30-60 minutes a day is the core of learning any instrument and no progress can be expected without it.

Music lessons are a discipline and a time commitment, no matter the age of the student or their amount of prior experience. A lesson is not a play date, a babysitter, or a social period. Music can be a wonderful experience for both student and teacher if approached correctly and with the proper attitude. Music can provide a lifetime of enjoyment, artistic expression, increased self-esteem, and character building but must be undertaken with the same sense of commitment and purpose as school or athletics for these positive benefits to occur. We welcome your questions and comments regarding our policies or about the process of training musicians. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.                   


 -- Melody Mart Management

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