Looking to Teach Privately?  Please Read.

Position Title:  Private Music Instructor


Job Description

  • Enable the success of student academic  achievement through professional music instruction, 

  • Have an overseeing role for all students within Melody Mart Inc. to ensure a safe academic environment conducive to learning, and maintain a professional image. 

  • Ensures proper planning and follow up with Student and/or Parent on educational progress.

Lesson Location: 18062 Dixie Highway  Homewood, IL.  60430

Employment Status: Part-time


  • Advanced knowledge of playing an instrument;

  • Leadership and team management skills;

  • Interpersonal and communication skills;

  • Organizational and self-management skills;

  • Ability to handle multiple responsibilities effectively;

  • Planning and execution skills;

  • Problem solving abilities;

  • Dependability; Readiness to go above and beyond when necessary to reach goals.


Teacher Policy


  • Instructor’s Schedules, on any given day, Must Resemble Melody Mart’s Open Hours.                                                     Example:  Monday-Thursday 3-9pm, Friday 3-7pm, and Saturday 9-4pm.

  • All Instructors Must Maintain Professional Dress and Appearance.

  • All Instructors Must Arrive 15min Early to His/ or Her First Scheduled Lesson.

  • All Instructors are Responsible for Maintaining His/ Her own Schedule.                                                                   Contact Information for Students Must Be Kept by Instructors.

  • Lessons are taught 12 months of the Year, 2 weeks’ vacation is permissible.

  • Any Addition/Subtraction of Scheduled Instruction Days Must Be Addressed with Management

  • Melody Mart Inc Hosts Various Events Throughout the Year.   All Teachers are Expected to Participate

  • All Teachers are Expected to Support Melody Mart Sale Programs designed for Students


Music Ed and/or Music Performance Certification/Diploma, Enrolled in an accredited music education program



Please Send Application to:

Name:  James Donnelly

Email:  sales@melodymartusa.com



Monday-Thurs Noon-8:00pm

Friday Closed

Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm



18062 Dixie Highway,

Homewood  IL 60430


Tel: 708-798-5500