Full Band Rock School

At Full Band Rock School rehearsals, students learn to listen closer, play better, and rock harder. Whether sanding the rough edges off their tunes, recording a demo to distribute to local music festivals, or polishing up on stage presence and performance techniques, students gather the skills and education required to someday lead bands of their own towards rock stardom.

Be a Rock Star!  Enhance your lesson experience today!

On-stage performances are key to growth, so as our bands develop set-lists throughout the year, starting off with 3-song mini-performances and then growing into full concerts, students build skills by memorizing great songs and also learning how to effectively deliver them. The excitement level at our Rock Band Throwdowns is hard to describe. Each student comes away from rocking the stage feeling the energy and excitement that comes with doing something you’ve dreamt of!

Seth Whitson Full Band Rock School

Full Band Rock School


Seth has studied music extensively since age of four, concentrating on guitar, piano, and music theory. He enjoys classical and contempory styles in addition to rock and jazz.


 Teaches Mondays/ Tuesdays/ Wednesdays/ Fridays/ Saturdays

Seth Whitson