We Present...  Our Rent-To-Own Program

We here at Melody Mart understand the large financial obligation that an instrument purchase presents.  That's why we offer a Rent-to-Own program. This Program allows you to pay a low monthly rental fee on the instrument of choice.

Your monthly rent is applied directly to the cost of your instrument with 0% financing.  If at anytime you decide to pay off the remaining balance on your instrument, a generous discount will be offered to you.


If, while making payments, you or your student decides the instrument isn't for them, you simply reutrn the instrument to us.  There is no further cost. 

Drum Sets
Digital Pianos
RTO Instruments

Flute - Clarinet

Trumpet- Trombone

Violin - Viola

Percussion Kit

$ 29.50 Monthly 

Includes M/R Coverage  

Piccolo - Oboe

Alto Sax

$ 44.50 Monthly

Includes M/R Coverage

Tenor Sax

(French) Horn



$ 54.50

Includes M/R Coverage

Step Up Instrument Program

Melody Mart is committed to the growth of each and every student and having the proper instrument is vital.  We offer options for the student and/or the parent to make this possible.  Low monthly payments, no interest, and quality instruments appeals to everyone.  Contact us to learn more.