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Melody Mart Superstar program

What is the Melody Mart Superstar program?

The Melody Mart Superstar is our way of highlighting all our students’ hard work! We understand that the musical journey can easily be spent in our practice rooms and we want to give our students a chance to shine! We want to post our student’s on our wall and socials. All the challenges are musical feats that every musician has to overcome at some point in their musical journey. Practicing is hard work so why not get rewarded for it?

What are Superstar points?

Superstar points are points earned based on the tasks that you complete. These points are exchanged for a Super Star. Super Stars are accolades that let you show off! As a Superstar, you get to participate in a quarterly raffle!

Melody Mart Superstar Rules
  • There is no limit of how many or how little tasks you want to do. No pressure, just do your best!

  • There are yearly, quarterly, and special opportunities that can get you Superstar Points

  • Complete the tasks and ask your teacher to “audition” for it (this will be available on the second month)

  • Once approved, teachers will check off your name on their sheet.

  • At the end of each quarter, your teacher will submit a sheet to the Melody Mart Staff to tally the total points

  • Once tallied, staff will contact individuals what level of a superstar they get at the end of the quarter.

  • Students will have their picture taken and placed in a star alongside their accomplishments for the quarter.

  • Student stars will be posted in-store and/or socials (students can opt-out)

  • Student stars will also be placed in a raffle for a quarterly prize

  • Students are not required to participate but are strongly encouraged

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