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The Treble Makers: A Unique Ensemble Experience

My group, the Treble Makers wasn't always a mixed ensemble-- It actually started as flute Ensemble! Before we get into the story of the Treble Makers, let's talk about some music stufff!

What is a Flute Ensemble?

Flute ensembles can range in size from small chamber groups to larger ensembles with multiple players on each part. These ensembles perform a wide variety of repertoire arranged or composed specifically for flutes, more specifically, comprising players of different types of flutes such as piccolo, concert flute, alto flute, and bass flute.

The purpose of a flute ensemble is to explore and promote flute music, offering unique performance opportunities for flutists and engaging audiences with the distinct timbres and harmonies produced by multiple flutes playing together. There isn't a particular genre that is performed by flute ensembles and they can be found in various settings, such as professional concert halls, educational institutions, community music programs, and informal gatherings.

So, What's a Mixed Ensemble?

A mixed ensemble refers to a musical group that includes a combination of different types of instruments, typically from various families such as strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Unlike homogeneous ensembles, like a string quartet or a brass quintet, mixed ensembles bring together different instrumentalist to create a unique sound palette that featured varied textures, harmonies, and timbres that are not achievable with a single family of instruments.

Mixed ensembles can vary greatly in size and instrumentation. They may include combinations such as string quartets with piano, woodwind quintets, brass ensembles with percussion, chamber orchestras, and more. The specific combination of instruments depends on the musical context, repertoire, and artistic vision of the ensemble.

Who runs the Treble Makers?

Hello! I'm Esperanza!

With a background in composition, flute playing, and education, I bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to our performances. My teaching philosophy is rooted in fostering a supportive environment where students can explore their musical potential. I strive to reimagine the music world as an accessible and enjoyable space for everyone, regardless of background or aspirations. As an educator and musician, I believe in the transformative power of music, especially when we actively engage in its creation. In group instruction, while the goals shifts from an individualized approach to a communal goal, I still emphasize the core aspects of my philosophy, in a different aspects such as leadership and collaborative learning. Leading the Treble Makers is an honor because this group embodies the core principles of my teaching philosophy.

How did the Treble Maker's come to be?

The Treble Makers began as a flute ensemble, I never really thought about it developing into anything further until I picked the same music that the Guitar Ensemble was performing. At the time it was the start of all the ensembles at Melody Mart so the one participant in Junior Jam, a phenomenal violinist, participated in my group. In her first rehearsal, we found that her mom also played violin. By the end of it, we had violins and flutes! It was such a wonderful timbre that I decided to move forward with creating a mixed ensemble instead-- after all it only felt natural with how we roll. And honestly, it's been a blast!

The Cool things about the Treble Makers

At the heart of the Treble Makers is a commitment to music and community. We don't have an age limit, we just have a couple of requirements! Have an instrument, have some ability to read notes and have a good attitude! We have a ton of fun in the Treble Makers.

Joining the Treble Makers offers a ton of benefits for musicians:

  • Collaborative Learning and Community: Group Instruction allows fellow musicians and build ensemble and rehearsal skills. It's also a wonderful supportive musical community that fosters a shared passion for creating beautiful music.

  • Artistic Expression: Explore expressive possibilities unique to treble instruments, from soaring melodies to intricate harmonies, under the guidance of experienced directors.

  • Music Exposure: We pick a wide selection of music to play as a group! That means you learn different styles and are constantly pushed to the next level as an ensemble

  • Ensemble Sessions and Performances: Participating in the Treble Makers means engaging in regular ensemble sessions and exciting performances.

Joining the Treble Makers:

It's easy peasy, I swear! You can just click on the following or visit the front desk to sign up!

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