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Welcome to Melody Mart's Blog!

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

We have been around since 1956 catering to our music community's needs! We have provided you with music instruction, instrument repairs and rentals-- Now, we are adding to that list: a music hub of stories, resources, and community. While we know that we've been providing this for 66 years (and counting), we just wanted to add a little extra something for our growing music family.

We genuinely believe that music has the power to change your life, and we are here to help you on that path. We are just adding this extra bit for you because we want to see you all excel in all your musical endeavors.

At the moment we have the following in mind:

Meet the Melody Mart Family

We want you to know that we are real people. We are here collectively working on making this world a better place through music and community. We want you to know who makes Melody Mart the place you know and love.

Guides for Parents of Growing Musicians

We know it's tough for parents navigating the music world. We want to make your life a little bit easier by not only providing information but also providing resources to help you and your child succeed.

Supplemental Material for your Private Lessons

Gah! We know you would love to take lessons with us everyday but obviously, life is always on some sort of schedule all the time-- and we totally get it. So we want to make life a tiny bit easier by creating a database for our students that they can reference

Resources for Musicians

We are also creating a database that is for our music readers who may be far away from our physical location-- We consider you a part of the family too. We want to make sure we are an informational hub for those who study with us and those who support from afar.

And More!

We are working on way more stuff behind the scenes and are hoping that we can be your one-stop-shop for music. We appreciate you and your ongoing support and are excited for this new chapter in our book and are excited to connect with you in this way too.

If you would like to see something on our music blogs, feel free to fill out this google form here.

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