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What? I need to get my instrument check up?

Instrument care is something you need to consider now that you are a part of our world of music. Every instrument needs a unique procedure for upkeep and care. It is crucial to know what the specifics are to each instrument. But rest assured we like to keep things informative and easy to understand so you can keep your instrument in tip-top shape-- And remove the worry of super expensive instrument repairs.

How do I know if I need to get it fixed?

As a professional musician, it’s pretty easy to tell because your instrument is so familiar and we just know the moment something isn’t working. However, it might be tougher to distinguish if you are a beginner or not as familiar with the the instrument mechanisms. You can always ask your teacher to check or bring it in to our store and we can give you a FREE estimate. But as a rule of thumb, you want to get the instrument checked every 2 to 4.

How long does it take to get things repaired?

Generally speaking, you can expect an instrument to be in the shop for a week. But it all depends on the condition of the instrument and what is needed to be repaired.

Ok, how much will it be?

This is all dependent on the instrument and the amount of damage on the instruments. We find that most repairs run $50-$150 but depending on your area and repair technicians, it can vary.


Then, there's impossible fixes (or at least its pointless to fix it and much easier to buy something new).

How to avoid major repair costs

In general, daily maintenance and care will prevent costly repairs. Each instrument has a unique set of guidelines for daily, monthly, and yearly maintenance.

Fortunately, we got you. Our expert team will check your instrument for free and provide an estimate on repairs. We'll let you down easy if you need to buy a new instrument. Usually 5-10 business. Click here for more info on Melody Mart Repair Services

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