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DK Bass

DK is a versatile and experienced multi-instrumentalist, educator, and Band and Orchestra sales liaison, offering expert instruction in woodwinds, brass, and beginning strings while providing valuable musical guidance and support for students of all ages and skill levels.

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Gary Weisenberger

Gary is a dedicated music educator with over a decade of experience, inspiring young musicians at Melody Mart to reach their full potential and discover the joy of music within a vibrant and supportive community.

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Hector Lara

Hector Lara, a dedicated musician and experienced Band Director, brings over a decade of expertise in tuba and euphonium performance, along with a deep commitment to arts education.

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John Falstrom

John, with over 35 years of experience teaching bass guitar, brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise to his instructional book, "EADG 4," recognized for its concise and effective format in developing aspiring bassists into skilled musicians.

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Jordan Foster

Jordan Foster, a seasoned musician and instructor at Melody Mart, imparts his extensive expertise in electric and upright bass to students of every skill level.

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Madeline Gloss

Madeline Gloss, an esteemed clarinet and saxophone instructor with decades of experience as a Band Director, offers expert and engaging private lessons at Melody Mart, sharing her passion for music and fostering excellence in her students.

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Mike Michor

Mike, a passionate guitarist with diverse musical influences including The Beatles, Paul Gilbert, Stevie Wonder, Nuno Bettencourt, and King's X, brings his vibrant energy to the stage nightly with The Walk-ins and has contributed to several prominent Chicago bands.

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Scott Bonshire

Scott Bonshire, an accomplished drummer with decades of experience on drums.

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Craig Buckner

Craig Buckner, a versatile freelance drummer from Mount Greenwood, Chicago, holds degrees in Jazz Studies and Fine Arts, bringing professional experience across various styles from jazz to Broadway, while eagerly pursuing music performance and teaching opportunities.

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Davis Young

Davis is a versatile musician and dedicated educator specializing in piano and mallet instruments, inspiring students with his passion and exuberance for music.

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Al Joseph

Al is a highly accomplished and personable violin and fiddle instructor with over five decades of experience, offering tailored lessons in classical violin and country fiddling to students of all ages and skill levels at Melody Mart.

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Esperanza Salgado

Esperanza, an accomplished flutist with extensive performance experience, combines her passion for music with holistic teaching methods to empower her students' musical journey.

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