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Group Music Instruction at Melody Mart

Learning how to play an instrument is just the beginning! Melody Mart understands the importance of a well-rounded music education and the journey to acquire that education. That's why we now offer an opportunity to explore a variety of other classes, workshops, groups, and events as part of your musical journey.

Our group programs provide an enriching environment where students can develop their skills, collaborate with others, and gain new experiences that go beyond private lessons. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, our diverse range of offerings ensures there's something for everyone. Here is a list of the group programs being offered. Frequency and pricing may vary. Details may be found on our group events page of our website:

  • Bucket Drumming: A fun and energetic class focused on rhythm and percussion using buckets.

  • Treble Makers Ensemble: Play a Treble Instrument? This is the class for you!

  • Music Theory Game Time: A foundational class designed to teach young musicians the basics of music theory.

  • Buckets & Kazoo: A lively and interactive class that introduces rhythm and fun with unconventional instruments.

  • Jr Jam Band: Perfect for young musicians who want to experience playing in a band.

  • Adult Jam Band: An opportunity for adults to come together, jam, and hone their skills in a band setting.

  • Wind Choir Ensemble: Brass players come together to explore and perform a variety of music.

  • Guitar Ensemble: Guitarists can join forces to play and learn ensemble music.

  • Family Ukulele Night: Enjoy a fun-filled evening with the whole family while learning to play the ukulele together.

  • Ukulele Ensemble: Join other ukulele enthusiasts to play and perform in a group setting.

  • Recital Prep and Presentation: Classes designed to prepare students for successful recital performances.

  • Open Mic Night: A platform for students to showcase their talents in a supportive environment.

  • String Ensemble: An opportunity for string players to perform and learn together.

At Melody Mart, we believe that learning music is a lifelong journey filled with exploration, growth, and joy. Our group programs are designed to enhance your musical experience, offering you the chance to learn, play, and connect with others who share your passion for music. Visit our group events page for more details on schedules and pricing. Join us at Melody Mart and take the next step in your musical adventure!

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