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January 2023 Newsletter


We made it to the new year and we are so happy that you are a part of our world! Whether you are just joining us for the first time, or if you been with us for years, we want thank you for being a part of the Melody Mart Community.

We wanted to share everything we've been working really hard on and all the monthly developments-- plus give you dibs on the newest programs, deals and insider scoop. ✨So, we officially welcome to our first installment of our Monthly newsletter. ✨ We have a ton of things in store for you:

Melody Mart Community

In this section, we will share any community updates or projects we are working on. This month we are introducing two new storewide programs.

Super Star Program: Superstar points are points earned based on the tasks that you complete. These points are exchanged for a Super Star. Super Stars are accolades that let you show off! These are musical feats that every musician has to overcome at some point in their musical journey. Practicing is hard work so why not get rewarded for it? As a Superstar, you get to participate in a quarterly raffle! Interested in more? Click below or talk to the front desk.

Sheet Music of the Month: Sheet Music of the month is a curated list of music that Melody Mart Staff comes up with so you can have something different to play alongside your lesson. This will help your sight reading and perhaps help you explore a genre you've never heard of.

  • Encanto: We don't talk about Bruno- Lin Manuel Miranda

  • Morning Mood | Suite No. 1, Op. 46- Edvard Grieg

  • Autumn Leaves

  • Imagine- John Lennon

Please note that this is an affiliate link

Music can be found at Sheet Music Now or you can stop by the front desk and we can print it for you. Stay tuned for future programming:

  • Concert Outings

  • Instrument Repair Workshops

  • Open Houses

  • Meet-the-Teacher Recitals

  • and More!

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Private Instruction Program

Whether instruction with us is a one-on-one experience or a small group setting, we offer an experience like no other. The student will work with an experienced instructor who will inspire, guide, and educate you with the fundamentals necessary to play the instrument of choice.

  • Subscription includes private instruction weekly and your choice of two of our group programs monthly.

  • Private instruction occurs as a standing appointment weekly starting in half-hour increments.

  • Convenient payment options are available.

  • All times are subject to availability

Melody Mart understands the importance of music education and the journey to acquire that education. Our Instruction program is one way we try to make a difference in our community. Let's enjoy it and have fun! - Jim Donnelly

Group Program

We have everything planned through March. Pre-registration is now available. Sign up today before classes fill up.

Check out our blog!

Welcome to Melody Mart's Blog We know that you can't always be at the shop-- So we wanted to connect with you through our blog and provide you with a ton of goodies through our growing online community. Find Out More

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