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Help! I Think I Want to Go to Music School but I am not sure what to do or think!

Welcome to the club! At some point in many musicians' lives, we wonder if this is the career for us. Are we ready for it? This is especially true when we're deciding what to do in college.

What is your "why"?

We cannot stress this enough as educators – when we decide to attend university, we're often daunted with the task of figuring out one of the biggest decisions of our adulthood. We usually decide based on our desires. Which is completely valid! But if I could go back, I would consider doing a little bit more soul-searching as to why.

There could be a variety of reasons why someone might want to attend university for music which can include but are not limited to, resources, connections, guidance from particular professors, performing opportunities and so much more!

The Search

Once you have decided or have a general sense on your reason or motivation to attend music school, it's time to research music schools! While it can be a overwhelming, there are some ways you can make the process a tiny bit easier:

  • What's your finances like? Do you have scholarships lined up? Are you qualified for FASFA? Can your parents help? You have to figure this out and consider what position you are in. The last thing you want to do is find yourself in a financial hole as a young adult. You might have to take a gap year(s) or perhaps do your first two years at a community college. Regardless, set yourself up for a stress free situation

  • Make a list: List out music schools that interest you. There's a few ways you can narrow down your search such as looking for music schools that offer programs that align with your musical interests and career goals, music schools in your budget and music schools in your preferred geographical location and so on.

  • Literally talk to everyone: Beyond meeting admissions counselor, try to meet with a faculty member, the students, or alumni if you can.

There are so many things you can do to make the search easier. As soon as you are done with that step:

Narrow down your Search to 3-5 Colleges

Narrowing down your research of music schools can be overwhelming, but there are several strategies you can use to help you make a decision.

  • Get a private lesson! Make sure you meet with the educator who will be your private lesson teacher for four years.

  • Prioritize your goals: Think about your personal goals and priorities for your music education. Consider factors such as the type of music you want to study, the career you want to pursue, and the location of the school.

  • Rank your college list: Start Choose your dream school, a school that is budget friendly, and a school that might not be your fave but wouldn't mind.

  • Attend an event: Many music schools offer virtual events such as open houses and information sessions. Attend these events to learn more about the programs and get a sense of the school's culture and community.

You can narrow down your research and make an informed decision about which music school is the best fit for you by implementing some of these tactics!

COllect and Organize the requirements

Once you have decided on the the top 3-5 schools, collect data! What are the academic requirements? What are the deadlines for applications?

Take notes on which pieces you have to play

Research the requirements for the schools you're interested in and prepare accordingly. You may need to perform specific pieces or scales, sight-read, and/or demonstrate your music theory knowledge.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Outline the timelines

Talk to your teacher (if you don't have one, call us!)

Consider taking a gap year: If you feel like you need more time to prepare, taking a gap year to focus on your musical skills and knowledge can be beneficial.

Beef up your musical Knowledge & skills

Obviously, always prioritize your plan. You need to make sure you meet those college requirements! But that doesn't mean you should slack on building a strong musical foundation. You should look into developing your musical skills through music theory, ear training, your instrument, ensemble skills and so on!

Execute the PLan

This is easier said than done. Totally get that. Pursuing music and attending university is an admirable but challenging task but it is absolutely rewarding. Stay dedicated, stay focused, and most importantly, enjoy the process!


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At Melody Mart, we understand the importance of music education and strive to make a difference in our community through our Instruction program. So let's enjoy the journey together and have some fun!

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