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June 2023 Newsletter: Happy Pride Month from Melody Mart

 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH🌈🎶 Volume #5: June Newsletter

Check out out all the monthly developments-- plus get dibs on the newest programs, deals and insider scoop.

We have a ton of things in store for you!

Melody Mart Community In this section, we will share any community updates or projects we are working on. We have a lot in store for you all! Announcements We will be closing on Juneteenth and July 4th. We will send out reminders on those days.

Blogs To Catch Up On

Benefits of Group Events Rock band, marching band, group piano? Why does it matter? When you first enter a music program, there's so many options out there, and it may seem repetitive to sign up for both group and private lessons. But, like anything else, skill building requires a multidisciplinary approach. Read More What? I need to get my instrument checked up? Every instrument needs a unique procedure for upkeep and care. It is crucial to know what the specifics are to each instrument. But rest assured, we like to keep things informative and easy to understand so you can keep your instrument in tip-top shape-- And remove the worry of super expensive instrument repairs. Read More Preparing for a Recital It is never too early to talk about recital prep and practices! If you are new to this whole music thing, it can be a little overwhelming with all the nuances and standard practices involved in being a part of the music scene. Recitals are a part of every musician's journey, and as exciting as they are, they can also be nerve-wracking. Read More Other Updates

Sheet Music of the Month Sheet Music of the month is a curated list of music that Melody Mart staff comes up with so you can have something different to play alongside your lesson. This will help your sight reading and perhaps help you explore a genre you've never heard of! We are celebrating Pride Month by selecting pieces by LGBT icons, musicians, lyricist, and composers.

  • Old Town Road -- Lil Nas X

  • Bohemian Rhapsody -- Freddie Mercury

  • My Funny Valentine-- Michael Feinstein

  • Part of Your World -- The Little Mermaid

Music can be found at Sheet Music Now, or you can stop by the front desk and we can print it for you. Sheet Music of the Month Check out our Musician Challenge: For June, we are challenging all our followers! This is a variety challenge to get used to practicing on different aspects of music. It's really easy to get stuck on the same old same old. So shake things up! You don't need to finish this all in the next 12 days, the goal is to finish all these challenges by June 30th! In the process, we will be sharing videos and blogs to help you complete this challenge so make sure to follow us Follow Us Stay tuned for more future programming! Sign up to our newsletter! Subscribe Private Instruction Program Whether instruction with us is a one-on-one experience or a small group setting, we offer an experience like no other. The student will work with an experienced instructor who will inspire, guide, and educate you with the fundamentals necessary to play the instrument of choice. Click below for more info! More info on private lessons please! Group Program Group program highlight: Once upon a Song Miss Phallon is finally here! We are allowing late registration, sign up today! Read more about Once Upon a Song **NOTE ABOUT GROUP PROGRAMS** Registration will have a cutoff one week prior to the event taking place. Please keep looking on the event page on our website to see when these events will occur as they will slightly change from time to time Take me to the Events Page 18062 Dixie Hwy, Homewood, IL 60430, USA (708) 798-5500 Share on social Check out the site

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