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🎵 Music Instruction Scholarship🎵 

All new & current students, you could be a recipient of Three Months of Music Instruction at Melody Mart! 

We at Melody Mart collaborated with the Palumbo Family Foundation! The Palumbo Family is generously awarding 5 fortunate individuals with 3 months of music instruction here at Melody Mart!

How to Apply:

All you have to do is share Your Musical Story and Why It Matters: 

  • Write a concise one-page essay sharing the essence of your musical journey. What ignited your love for music, and how has it shaped your path? Explain how three months of music instruction at Melody Mart would enhance your musical journey.

  • Keep your essay concise, limited to one page.

Deadline and Announcement:

Submit your essays by APRIL 5th, 2024. Essays may be submitted to OR may be delivered to the front counter.

Recipients will be revealed during our Open House on Sunday, May 5th.

Don't miss this opportunity to weave your musical narrative at Melody Mart! Apply now, and let your musical journey unfold! 🎶

*Scholarship is only open to anyone who resides in Melody Mart’s local area

A Note from the Palumbo Family:

“For as long as I can remember, music filled the Palumbo house. From Sinatra to Prima, to early Chicago, to Hendrix, there were always songs in the air. Our oldest brother Mike put a 67 Gibson Melody Maker on layaway before he left for Vietnam with every intention of becoming a lead guitarist in a band.

Sometimes life happens and those dreams get delayed. The money he sent home to pay for the guitar was used to make ends meet and eventually that guitar was no longer his. As the oldest, he understood and never complained.

Because of the love in our family and the love for our brother, the 67 Gibson Melody Maker was purchased for him by our youngest brother so he could play that guitar. One of his favorite lines was that he played at Woodstock with Jimi. It was Woodstock, Illinois, and the lead singer of the band was Jimmy. He built his own guitars, practiced, and played for decades, even attending open mic nights after he retired from the working world. We can’t tell you the number of times a Rolling Stones song or another song was being played that he would break into air guitar and say I can play that song with a big smile on his face.


In July 2023, our beloved brother passed away. In hopes of continuing his love of guitars and all things musically, the Palumbo family foundation has donated $1,500.00 to Melody Mart in his name.”

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