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What's Bucket Drumming?

Bucket drumming, also known as street drumming or urban percussion by western academics, is an art form that has gained popularity for its accessibility and creative expression. Bucket drumming involves using various containers, typically plastic buckets, as drums. Players use their hands, drumsticks, brushes, or mallets to strike the buckets in different ways to produce a range of sounds and rhythms. The versatility of bucket drumming lies in its adaptability to different musical styles, including jazz, rock, hip-hop, and more. The rise of Bucket drumming comes from curious musicians utilizing everyday objects as percussion instruments.

Why did Buckets become so popular?

Bucket drumming is a twist on past traditions--The concept of using non-traditional items as percussion instruments dates back centuries. Historically, people around the world have utilized household objects like barrels, pots, and wooden crates to create rhythmic sounds for entertainment and expression plastic buckets are no different. Street performers, gained prominence in major cities like New York City, New Orleans, and Chicago during the 1980s because of a desire to make music with minimal resources. Since then, bucket drumming has spread across cities in the United States, with drummers with vibrant energy.

Over time, bucket drumming has found its way into music education programs as a tool for teaching rhythm, coordination, and ensemble skills. Schools and community organizations incorporate bucket drumming workshops and classes to engage students in hands-on musical experiences. Moreover, bucket drumming continues to evolve through cross-cultural collaborations and fusion with other music genres. Artists blend traditional drumming techniques with contemporary styles, pushing the boundaries of percussion.

Why Melody Mart teaches Bucket Drumming

Our bucket drumming class offers exceptional educational value. Led by qualified instructors with extensive experience, our program focuses on developing essential musical skills like rhythm, coordination, and ensemble playing in a safe and supportive environment. We also foster an inclusive atmosphere where diversity and individuality are celebrated. Plus, we welcome students of all ages to participate. Plus this can enhance student's musicianship:

  • Rhythm and Coordination: Bucket drumming is an excellent way to develop rhythmic skills and coordination. Players must maintain steady beats and execute precise rhythms, enhancing their sense of timing and motor skills.

  • Creativity and Collaborative Learning: Bucket drumming often involves group participation, promoting teamwork and collaborative learning. Group drumming sessions provide opportunities to listen, adapt, and synchronize with others, fostering social skills and a sense of community. Bucket drumming encourages creative expression and experimentation. Students have the freedom to explore different sounds and rhythms, fostering a sense of creativity and innovation in their musical journey.

  • Diversity of Musical Styles: Bucket drumming adds diversity to the range of musical styles offered by Melody Mart. While traditional instruments like flutes and pianos are valuable, bucket drumming introduces students to contemporary and urban percussion, expanding their musical horizons.

  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: One of the most significant advantages of bucket drumming is its accessibility. Buckets are affordable and readily available, making this art form inclusive and accessible to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We do our part in ensuring that music education is inclusive.

How can I start Bucket Drumming

If you start with us, you don't have to worry about gathering materials to participate in our group instruction. But assuming you don have the necessary materials, all you have to do is collect sturdy plastic buckets of varying sizes and some drumsticks. Eventually, you can explore different types of drumsticks, brushes, and mallets to find the tools that suit your playing style best.

  1. Sign up for Melody Mart's Bucket Drumming Group Instruction: Take the first step towards becoming a skilled bucket drummer by enrolling in our group instruction program. Led by experienced instructors, our classes provide a structured and supportive environment for learning.

  2. Learn Basic Techniques: Start your bucket drumming journey by mastering fundamental techniques. Begin with wrist strokes, rim clicks, and bass hits to develop a solid foundation. Focus on maintaining consistent rhythms and experimenting with dynamics to add depth to your playing.

  3. Explore Rhythmic Patterns: Expand your rhythmic vocabulary by experimenting with various patterns and grooves. Try out popular rhythms like the four-on-the-floor, shuffle, and syncopated beats to broaden your musical repertoire. Utilize metronomes or backing tracks to refine your timing and precision.

  4. Perform and Jam: Once you've mastered the basics of bucket drumming through our group instruction, perform and jam with fellow musicians. Bucket drumming isn't just about practicing in isolation; it's about sharing your passion for music with others.

  5. Want more? Sign up to private instruction: If you're eager to take your bucket drumming skills to the next level, consider signing up for private instruction at Melody Mart. Private instruction offer personalized attention and tailored guidance from experienced instructors.


Bucket drumming has become a popular art form celebrated for its creativity and adaptability. Utilizing everyday objects like plastic buckets, drummers produce a range of sounds and rhythms using their hands, drumsticks, brushes, or mallets, adapting to diverse musical styles from jazz to hip-hop. Join us at Melody Mart to discover possibilities of bucket drumming. Here's all the days we have planned so far:

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