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New to the World of Band? Why You Should Rent to Own Your Instrument

I'm DK, one of the instructors at Melody Mart, as well as the head band and orchestra guy for the store. One of my standout qualities is my proficiency in playing around 13 instruments, with expertise in providing private instruction for 11 of them. You'll often hear myself or others affectionately label me as a "band nerd," and that truly encapsulates who I am. Over the past 15 years, I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge through formal education and extensive performance experience across multiple instruments. Instead of keeping all this knowledge to myself or randomly mentioning it in my lessons, I've created this corner of the internet dedicated to sharing interesting facts about woodwinds, brass, and string instruments.

Welcome to DK's Tips and Tricks—a space where you can discover something new about your instrument.

When it comes to getting started in your school's music program, whether it be band or orchestra, there are all sorts of things you as a parent, student, or family member, might have questions about. A big question I often get is: "How or where should I go about getting my kid's instrument?" There are many ideas and suggestions out there, I'm here to give you the best advice so you and your child can have a great start to your brand new adventure in band.

Wait! Explore First!

Once you guys have made a decision on what instrument is going to join you on your musical journey, take a moment to explore the options available to you to see what best suits your needs. If you aren't one of the lucky people who has been the recipient of an instrument from a family member, or friend, well something that might pique your interest over simply purchasing an instrument outright is taking advantage of a "rent-to-own" program.

"What is Renting to Own?"

"Renting to Own" is exactly how it sounds. Renting to Own is a program designed to release parents and families from making the full commitment, both physically and financially to an instrument right up front. When you rent to own an instrument, you make monthly payments towards the balance of an instrument for as long as you are renting it.

"Why Should I Rent to Own?"

Renting to Own your instrument is a great option for parents and families who don't want to make the full commitment to purchasing an instrument. Brand new, even used instruments can oftentimes be very costly and that alone could be enough to scare new families away from all of the amazing benefits of being in band. Renting to Own gives you the freedom and flexibility to comfortably and slowly get introduced to being a "band family". When you Rent to Own your instrument,

When embarking on the exciting journey of your school's music program, whether it's joining the band or orchestra, you may find yourself brimming with questions as a parent, student, or family member. Among these queries, one that frequently arises is: "How and where should I go about obtaining an instrument for my child?" In this article, we'll delve into various considerations and provide you with expert advice to ensure that you and your child embark on a fantastic musical adventure with confidence

Choosing Rent to Own an Instrument Advantages Recap
  1. Flexibility: Instead of a hefty upfront expense, Renting to Own allows you to spread the cost of the instrument over time, making it more manageable for your budget.

  2. Low-Risk Commitment: It's a low-risk commitment that lets you gauge your child's interest and commitment to their chosen instrument before making a long-term investment.

  3. Quality Assurance: Many Rent to Own programs offer quality instruments, ensuring that your child has a reliable and well-maintained instrument from the start.

  4. Opportunity for Upgrades: Some programs even allow you to upgrade to a different instrument if your child's interests or skills evolve.

  5. Community Support: Being part of a Rent to Own program often means you're joining a community of fellow music enthusiasts who can provide guidance and support.

The decision to Rent to Own an instrument can be a wise and practical choice for parents and families embarking on their musical journey. It's an option that provides financial flexibility, minimizes risk, and offers a smooth introduction to the world of school bands or orchestra

Lucky for you, we offer a rent-to-own program:

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